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1. New Work Permit Application / Renewal Work Permit (Extension) + Visa 1 Year
- Group A / BOI / One Stop Services

New BOOK 26,000 Baht, Renew 23,000
Baht Only
- Group
B, C / Immigration at Government Complex
New BOOK 29,000 Baht
, Renew 26,000 Baht

2. Re-entry Permit 'Multiple Visa' 5,000 - 6,500 Baht

3. Change of Visa type to NON-B, NON-B 26,000 - 30,000 Baht

New Working of Alien B.C. 2018 see detail in Foreign Workers Administration Office
See Law Content

- - Consult for Foreigner who have no Visa and Working Permit - -

- - Short term Visa extension for special condition such as Tourist , Transit 15 days , Transit 30 days - -

The Company of :
Passport Visa  Work Permit Thailand
Thailand Immigration Services
(VISA & Work Permit for Alien / Expatriates - Type Business "Non-B" and Others "Non-O" (marriage, family, study) BOI and Special Law
Business Registration
Licence for Foreign Business / Representative Office / BOI and Special Law
Set up system and report operation for BOI , Database for Experts
Legal Advice
Accounting Consultation
Visa Application to neighboring countries and other countries
Foreign Marriage
Certified Translation and approve document
Thaiwah Global Law Office
Tel / Fax: +66 (0) 2212-9100 Mobile +66 (0) 81 567-0800 (Khun Issara)
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